Getting up to speed

March 4, 2010

Two months of neglect, but there’s finally something to talk about again.

Early January we started a raiding coalition with another guild from our server, and it went well for as long as it lasted. We made some great friends and did some great raids. Unfortunately, after about a month of raiding the other guild fell apart. There are a few… “aggressive” guilds on our server, one of which bluntly recruited people directly from other guilds. Some were taken in by the sweet talk and it just went downhill from there. At least all the good folk went to a good raiding guild together, a guild we have good ties with, so it could be much worse.

Surprisingly, our own recruiting has picked up quite well over the days. We’ve gained a few good members, and we’re doing heroics together almost every evening. It’s fun to have everyone on Vent and get to know each other, just having fun. It’s good preparation for when we get into raiding again. After all, it’s more fun to raid with friends than people you hardly know.

Tigue is leveling well, 72 at the moment. I took a break from leveling to get her professions (mining/jewelcrafting) up to par, so every node I come across now during leveling can actually be mined. It’s much more profitable that way! I have no doubt that she’ll be level 80 soon, and then it’s time to hit the heroics and get some tanking gear for her.

Cara and I have been running the show in Samsara for a while now, but we decided that we needed a third person on board to form a stable Triage. The logical choice for us was Sc, so therefor we promoted him to Officer. I’ve been thinking about it, and part of me wonders if it’ll be seen as a biased promotion, since Cara and Sc are a real-life couple, but I’m quite sure it won’t. We’ve got a good, understanding bunch in the guild and all the troublemakers left long ago. The three of us are online the most, and Sc has been in the middle of guild leading discussions before, so to me it’s a natural course of action.

It’s looking like good times ahead for Samsara, and I can finally smile again after finally coming out of the briar patch of problems we’ve had.


Tuesday Shorts: The transformation is complete!

January 5, 2010

Yep, I’m back. I enjoyed my vacation, and now it’s REALLY over. Time to stop fooling around and really get working. No more weeks away, fun trips or quick vacations. I promise.

Time to kick off with a new episode of the Tuesday Shorts.

  • I decided it was time to jump factions with that Warrior of mine, so I started a Faction Change. Oddly enough, it didn’t accept my credit card.
  • Even more odd, it somehow copied my character and displayed two Night Elf Warriors on the character screen! I didn’t dare to log in, but when I finally did it said I couldn’t log in to characters pending a change.
  • I managed to finish the payment though, and now I have Tigue, the Orc Warrior-ess at lvl 41. I can’t wait to get her leveled up.
  • The guild has been quiet during the holidays, or peaceful as I like to see it. Activity is picking up again, though, and we’re starting our raiding coalition as well. I’m all refreshed now, so I’m looking forward to what Twenty-Ten will bring us.
  • [Lord Marrowgar Must Die!] was the weekly raid last week, so when some DPS was needed in a pug, I decided to take the shot and join up. I knew the fight already, and we did a great job. One wipe, but at the second attempt we got him down. Oh yeah, I love my new Claymore, an automatic win since I was the only melee dps in the group. I’m WAY over the hit cap now, so I should start focusing on getting some gear without that stat on it.
  • On a non-WoW related note, I got the New Super Mario Bros. game for the Wii this Christmas, and it kicks ass. I’ve been playing both the singleplayer and multiplayer with my sister, and both are very enjoyable. Fitting both these games into my playing schedule while adding college and work to the mix (which I decided to spend more time on), maintaining an active social life and possibly even getting into the gym for once a week (which I’ve been saying for well over half a year now), only one question inhabits my mind: where are the 48-houred days?

Happy 2010 to you all, and see you in-game!

Offski (or offsnowboard, rather)

December 25, 2009

Santa was the master of the "Red Nosed Roundhouse" trick back in the days.

There are exciting times ahead. We’re slowly getting members again, there’s a friendship between us and another guild that’s going really well, and we’ve got an upcoming raid coalition with the same guild. After the tumble and fall into the cold valley, we’ve picked ourselves up and started the ascent into the high mountains again.

There will be enough to talk about in the new year, but for now I’m taking a break. Yes, again. A mere month after spending some time in the heat of Arizona, I’m going the complete opposite and visit the French Alps for some snowboarding. Return date: January 4th, just so you all know.

All that rests me to say is to wish you all a Merry Christmas (or Winter Veil) and a great 2010!

Enjoy the holidays and see you in the new year!


December 17, 2009

A good week of Patch 3.3 has passed, and there’s plenty to talk about.

I was hoping to get a quiet evening on patch day, but not quite. I got yanked into an ICC 10 run by a guild we are friends with, having to heal. It was fun to see everything, even though we didn’t get any bosses down due to low geared healers (me included). Still, I got to witness Lord Marrowgars battle, so that knowledge should come in handy when Samsara gets there.

I already mentioned the Core Hound Pup, a cute lil’ thing you get when you have an authenticator linked to your account.

The new heroics are great. It’s cool to not steamroll 5-mans for a change, and the boss fights are really nice. The Lich King event is way cool, the last time I did it we were a bit slow at the end so it really felt like “Holy shit guys, he’s gaining on us!”. Too bad he will just walk past you and straight for Sylvanas, it’d be cooler if he just slashed at you on his way to the Banshee Huntress. All in all it’s great fun, though.

Quite possibly the most interesting feature of Patch 3.3 is the new LFG system and Random Dungeons. It negates dungeon lockouts, you get extra emblems and you don’t have to find a group yourself anymore. I certainly don’t care where I end up, and I get to meet awesome new people from other realms in our battlegroup this way. There’s always a few bad apples in the mix, but the overall playerbase that uses the LFG system is surprisingly talented. Both Vaadren and Myczil are being played, and their T9 sets are coming along nicely. Vaad’s up to his third spec collection, and Myc has one piece of T9 currently, but collecting quickly. I only just started the random heroics with him like a day or two ago anyway.

Overall, I’m hearing and reading a lot of positive sounds about this new content expansion. I’m happy to see that even the most passionate pug haters are warming up to the LFG system, and that there’s a lot going on again. The guild has become a bit more active lately, so that’s certainly helping the mood as well!

Yeah, for now I’d consider myself a pretty happy camper.

An Achiever!

December 10, 2009

A long time ago I decided to go for the [Twenty-Five Tabards] achievement. I like achievements with special rewards, and I’m particularly fan of tabards. I did my best to grind rep here and there, and in the end I had only the 7 Argent Tournament ones to get (5 from factions, Argent Crusaders and Sunreavers). 350 Champions Seals to get, a good month of daily grinding.

And yesterday the achievement finally popped up, signalling the purchase of the last needed tabard. The coming of Patch 3.3 has drowned out this achievement a bit (more on the patch later), but I’m very proud of it nonetheless. The [Tabard of the Achiever] fits my outfit perfectly, and I love running around with it.

Too bad my [Core Hound Pup] is stealing my spotlight…

Tuesday Shorts: Leviathans and Pretty Female Orcs

December 8, 2009

My week is generally filled with all sorts of minor ideas and thought processes. They’re never interesting enough to justify a whole post, but combined they make a nice summary of my week.

  • Went for Flame Leviathan with 7 people last week, just for fun. We got him down, of course, after a few tries. Nothing shameful, considering we were undermanned and brought along one or two people who had never done it before. Looking at the loot table of “Levi”, it occurred to me that it’s not a bad choice for farming. If we can’t get a full group going, why not take a handful and do this boss? He’s got a bit of everything, including some nice trinkets and weapons. And those things don’t grow on trees. Or shrubberies.
  • I’ve been trying to do VoA25 all week, but without success. Lightbringer Horde isn’t too successful at Wintergrasp, and we failed multiple times at both defending and attacking the past few days. I wanted to get into VoA first to get a shot at T9 legs, before spending my emblems on them. I decided I wasn’t going to wait for a chance at having one specific item dropping (and then me winning the roll), so I gathered the 50 emblems and got the legplates. Now, I can’t get over the fact that they make me look so good. Way better than the T7,5 that inhabited that slot for half a year.
  • I noticed I have a fair number of male characters, even though I try to even it out. Heck, my bank character is female (women seem to handle the finances everywhere, don’t they?). I decided to get a female character, and had a bit of fun with the WoW Model Viewer to view my options. I checked the Orcs, since that is my least played race, and I was surprised to see that you can actually make good looking female Orcs now. I never really liked the rugged and beaten warrior look that they had, with haircuts that made you laugh or cringe. I found a model with a smooth face and decent haircut, so that’ll be my next character.
  • I’ve decided upon my Night Elf Warrior as my next “project to 80”. I want to move him over to Horde side eventually, but I want to level him on Alliance side. I’ve never done that before, so I want to experience that as well. I can’t say it’s easy, but I’ll get there. He’ll probably be changed into that female Orc when it’s time to switch factions.
  • I wish you could change the order of your characters on the character screen. I want Vaad on the top, instead of in third place behind a 37 Warrior and 23 Shaman.

That’s last week in a nutshell. Plenty to talk about later, with Patch 3.3 coming up and all.


December 2, 2009

It’s been two weeks, and I’m back home again. The past two weeks were amazing, spending time with friends, going hiking and backpacking. I had a great Thanksgiving dinner in the wilderness (turkey tastes the best when it’s cooked over a fire, I tell you), and I got to do everything I wanted to. What I had hoped would happen, honestly did: I’m all fired up again.

My work is being relentless. I popped in for a bit to check my working hours, and they immediately added almost 20 hours to it. Not that I care, I’ll take everything I can get at the moment, but it’s funny to see your work schedule triple in mere minutes.

As far as WoW is concerned, everything is back to how it used to be. We’re still low on members, but I’m enjoying myself with the people who are still here. I’m mainly online to chat and do my Argent Tournament dailies, but we’re looking at getting a few raids going again. God knows I’ve missed that, I haven’t had a proper raid in over two months now. As I said before, most of our good raiders have left and formed their own guild, raiding together (why they couldn’t do that in Samsara is beyond me, but who am I to judge?). If our own raids don’t get off the ground, I might ask them to invite me for a few of theirs. I’m not the least inclined to leave Samsara and join them, but I don’t know how much longer this game can stay interesting at this standstill.

Either way, my spirits are high. We’ll see what the future brings!