The nail in the coffin

A tremendous wrong has been done. Something that quite possibly can never be undone.

I’m scared, trembling. Afraid of the thought, hoping it’s all just a nightmare. But I know it’s not.

It’s amazing how a game can have such an impact on a person, but then we are dealing with real people. Guilds are social groups, and how are they different from any other social group? Making out with your best friends girlfriend will get you a swift kick out of the loop, and you may walk away without a black eye if you’re lucky. Doing a tremendous wrong to someone in-game pretty much has the same effects.

Tonight will be remembered. Remembered as the day that we may have hammered in the largest nail ever into our coffin.


2 Responses to The nail in the coffin

  1. Loesjetwee says:

    Your post is full of ominous tension. Will you continue this story and tell us what actually happened?


  2. Vaadren says:

    It was not yet clear how the story further unfolded itself. It has now, and as soon as I’ve found the right words you will find it here.

    You, readers, deserve a sequel, and it will be there shortly.

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