And now for something completely different: Engineering

Ever since Burning Crusade I’ve been a miner and blacksmith. At first, I completely neglected the professions, thinking it’d take too much time. Later on I managed to level mining, making a fair amount of gold with selling the ores. Blacksmithing was still a pain.

It wasn’t until late into Burning Crusade when I needed a set of Ragesteel Shoulders, that I started leveling up blacksmithing. And indeed, it was painstakingly difficult. But I made it, got blacksmithing all maxed out and pranced around with those god-ugly, but effective, shoulders.

When Wrath of the Lich King came around, it became much easier to level both. And the profession-only recipes really made having a crafting profession worthwhile. Extra sockets for blacksmiths, ring enchants for enchanters, special prismatic gems for jewelcrafters.

Where does that leave engineering, though? Taking a look at its “added value”, there is actually some nice things to be said, but instead of profession-specifics it lies more in what engineering does best: gadgets.

Explosive sheep are fun, but hardly a useful tool. But who doesn’t like a Repair Bot after a wipe, or perhaps a mailbox in obscure places? Back in Burning Crusade the craftable goggles were quite powerful (much less so now, with T8.5 and T9 available at your local gear vendor), and while more a novelty item than anything else, who can forget the flying machine and chopper?

In PvP, engineering gets a boost. Enhancements like nitro-boots or rocket-firing gloves have more than once turned the tides in a battleground. The craftable explosives have never hurt either (except the opponent, of course).

But above all, I think engineering is a “boys and their toys” profession. And it’s frikkin’ awesome.

I’ve been wanting to level engineering for a long time, but I preferred the freedom of mining. I liked being able to get the mats for a blacksmithing recipe myself, instead of being dependant on a miner friend or auction house. But in the end, I liked engineering more.

I called in the aid of a good friend of mine, and together we went across Azeroth and beyond to farm all the materials needed for a massive powerlevel to 450. A few gold was spent on some hard-to-find mithril and random mats, but most of the materials were gathered by “me ‘n Sc” in a 7 hour straight grind.

It got me to 440, and now I’m at 445 with a bit of work. The last few points are always the hardest. And Sc is still helping me to get all the mats for the final stretch. 5 Wormhole Generators to go, and with him as the only miner left, a lot of the mats come from him.

It’s a courtesy I extend to a lot of guildies, helping them out or crafting things for them. But regardless of whether I find it common courtesy or not, I’m always glad to see such generosity. Therefor, I’d like to thank Langdon for donating some mats you had lying around (it helped a lot!), and of course my favorite Death Knight, Sc, for the long grind that has been and the help yet to come. You guys rock!

And if you’re ever on Lightbringer EU and you see a Paladin running around with a mechanical sheep following him, there’s a good chance it’s me.


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