Flight of the Phoenix

The people who read this have always known me by my current nickname: Vaadren. It’s a name I’ve carried for years now, and suits me well. However, I still carry a soft spot for my “old” nickname, the time when I was known as the Flaming Phoenix.

I’ve grown a love for the Phoenix over the years. The majestic beauty of the fiery creature, the mythology behind it, and the symbolism.

But also because of its namesake city in Arizona. As a kid I spent several years there, and as a second home, the city and the creature from which it lent its name have been a very important part of my life ever since.

Enter World will be without updates for two weeks. I’m going back to my second home for a short visit, leaving me without WoW and with only sporadic internet access. There are several reasons why I’m going, but only one fits the symbolism.

I need a battery recharge. As the Phoenix, it is my goal to “end an era” and be reborn anew. And there’s no better place than what is, for me, the most inspiring and meaningful place there is.

I’ll return on the 28th, a new me.

A reborn Vaadren.


One Response to Flight of the Phoenix

  1. Mister K says:

    I’ve always felt its more important to enjoy what your doing then feel stuck in something so it sounds like a good plan to me

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