It’s been two weeks, and I’m back home again. The past two weeks were amazing, spending time with friends, going hiking and backpacking. I had a great Thanksgiving dinner in the wilderness (turkey tastes the best when it’s cooked over a fire, I tell you), and I got to do everything I wanted to. What I had hoped would happen, honestly did: I’m all fired up again.

My work is being relentless. I popped in for a bit to check my working hours, and they immediately added almost 20 hours to it. Not that I care, I’ll take everything I can get at the moment, but it’s funny to see your work schedule triple in mere minutes.

As far as WoW is concerned, everything is back to how it used to be. We’re still low on members, but I’m enjoying myself with the people who are still here. I’m mainly online to chat and do my Argent Tournament dailies, but we’re looking at getting a few raids going again. God knows I’ve missed that, I haven’t had a proper raid in over two months now. As I said before, most of our good raiders have left and formed their own guild, raiding together (why they couldn’t do that in Samsara is beyond me, but who am I to judge?). If our own raids don’t get off the ground, I might ask them to invite me for a few of theirs. I’m not the least inclined to leave Samsara and join them, but I don’t know how much longer this game can stay interesting at this standstill.

Either way, my spirits are high. We’ll see what the future brings!


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