An Achiever!

A long time ago I decided to go for the [Twenty-Five Tabards] achievement. I like achievements with special rewards, and I’m particularly fan of tabards. I did my best to grind rep here and there, and in the end I had only the 7 Argent Tournament ones to get (5 from factions, Argent Crusaders and Sunreavers). 350 Champions Seals to get, a good month of daily grinding.

And yesterday the achievement finally popped up, signalling the purchase of the last needed tabard. The coming of Patch 3.3 has drowned out this achievement a bit (more on the patch later), but I’m very proud of it nonetheless. The [Tabard of the Achiever] fits my outfit perfectly, and I love running around with it.

Too bad my [Core Hound Pup] is stealing my spotlight…


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