Getting up to speed

Two months of neglect, but there’s finally something to talk about again.

Early January we started a raiding coalition with another guild from our server, and it went well for as long as it lasted. We made some great friends and did some great raids. Unfortunately, after about a month of raiding the other guild fell apart. There are a few… “aggressive” guilds on our server, one of which bluntly recruited people directly from other guilds. Some were taken in by the sweet talk and it just went downhill from there. At least all the good folk went to a good raiding guild together, a guild we have good ties with, so it could be much worse.

Surprisingly, our own recruiting has picked up quite well over the days. We’ve gained a few good members, and we’re doing heroics together almost every evening. It’s fun to have everyone on Vent and get to know each other, just having fun. It’s good preparation for when we get into raiding again. After all, it’s more fun to raid with friends than people you hardly know.

Tigue is leveling well, 72 at the moment. I took a break from leveling to get her professions (mining/jewelcrafting) up to par, so every node I come across now during leveling can actually be mined. It’s much more profitable that way! I have no doubt that she’ll be level 80 soon, and then it’s time to hit the heroics and get some tanking gear for her.

Cara and I have been running the show in Samsara for a while now, but we decided that we needed a third person on board to form a stable Triage. The logical choice for us was Sc, so therefor we promoted him to Officer. I’ve been thinking about it, and part of me wonders if it’ll be seen as a biased promotion, since Cara and Sc are a real-life couple, but I’m quite sure it won’t. We’ve got a good, understanding bunch in the guild and all the troublemakers left long ago. The three of us are online the most, and Sc has been in the middle of guild leading discussions before, so to me it’s a natural course of action.

It’s looking like good times ahead for Samsara, and I can finally smile again after finally coming out of the briar patch of problems we’ve had.


One Response to Getting up to speed

  1. Mister K says:

    Hows the guild doing now? You haven’t updated in a while šŸ™‚

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