Martijn, aka Vaadren, started playing World of Warcraft early September 2007. Starting out with a Night Elf Warrior and Orc Shaman, he enjoyed himself but didn’t get the right feel. It wasn’t after picking up The Burning Crusade expansion that he found his true love: the Paladin. Preferring Horde, he rolled a Blood Elf Paladin named Vaadren, and never looked back. The persona of Vaadren was born, and would never leave.

Currently, Vaadren resides on Lightbringer EU in the “casual” raiding guild Samsara, where he is an officer. His life as a Retribution Paladin, Raider and Guild Officer are very important to him, and his ideas, opinions and posts reflect that.

Vaadren has three “main” characters, who he plays regularly, Vaadren, Myczil and Tigue. They’re all Level 80 and with versatile specs, allowing flexibility.


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