December 17, 2009

A good week of Patch 3.3 has passed, and there’s plenty to talk about.

I was hoping to get a quiet evening on patch day, but not quite. I got yanked into an ICC 10 run by a guild we are friends with, having to heal. It was fun to see everything, even though we didn’t get any bosses down due to low geared healers (me included). Still, I got to witness Lord Marrowgars battle, so that knowledge should come in handy when Samsara gets there.

I already mentioned the Core Hound Pup, a cute lil’ thing you get when you have an authenticator linked to your account.

The new heroics are great. It’s cool to not steamroll 5-mans for a change, and the boss fights are really nice. The Lich King event is way cool, the last time I did it we were a bit slow at the end so it really felt like “Holy shit guys, he’s gaining on us!”. Too bad he will just walk past you and straight for Sylvanas, it’d be cooler if he just slashed at you on his way to the Banshee Huntress. All in all it’s great fun, though.

Quite possibly the most interesting feature of Patch 3.3 is the new LFG system and Random Dungeons. It negates dungeon lockouts, you get extra emblems and you don’t have to find a group yourself anymore. I certainly don’t care where I end up, and I get to meet awesome new people from other realms in our battlegroup this way. There’s always a few bad apples in the mix, but the overall playerbase that uses the LFG system is surprisingly talented. Both Vaadren and Myczil are being played, and their T9 sets are coming along nicely. Vaad’s up to his third spec collection, and Myc has one piece of T9 currently, but collecting quickly. I only just started the random heroics with him like a day or two ago anyway.

Overall, I’m hearing and reading a lot of positive sounds about this new content expansion. I’m happy to see that even the most passionate pug haters are warming up to the LFG system, and that there’s a lot going on again. The guild has become a bit more active lately, so that’s certainly helping the mood as well!

Yeah, for now I’d consider myself a pretty happy camper.


An Achiever!

December 10, 2009

A long time ago I decided to go for the [Twenty-Five Tabards] achievement. I like achievements with special rewards, and I’m particularly fan of tabards. I did my best to grind rep here and there, and in the end I had only the 7 Argent Tournament ones to get (5 from factions, Argent Crusaders and Sunreavers). 350 Champions Seals to get, a good month of daily grinding.

And yesterday the achievement finally popped up, signalling the purchase of the last needed tabard. The coming of Patch 3.3 has drowned out this achievement a bit (more on the patch later), but I’m very proud of it nonetheless. The [Tabard of the Achiever] fits my outfit perfectly, and I love running around with it.

Too bad my [Core Hound Pup] is stealing my spotlight…